The Firefly Game

As experiment to publish a game build with Haxe to many platforms, I took "the Flappies", reskinned it and published to Android, iOS and even Firefox OS store (if anyone still remembers) which also got featured. After year most of the developer accounts expired so there's only the webversion left online.

Game build with Haxe/Flambe

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Signal Loss

A game for Global Game Jam 2018: After being dormant for a few thousand years a small robotic life form awakes by an unknown cause. Upon finding another dormant robot he finds out that he can share his energy with them to awake them and help him on his way to solve the mystery to why his race went dormant and bringing all of them back to life.

Game build with Haxe/Pixi.js Levels with Tiled Editor

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Prototype / idea: Crush

An experiment/idea/challenge to see if I can build a match-3 game from scratch. And learn how to resolve matches etc. I used Tiled-editor to define a flow for the blocks, which can flow into any direction. The gameplay idea was to bring the special items to the end. I also had the idea to lock the items after a few moves, but eventually figured out that contradicts with bringing the specials to the end.. Oh well ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Prototype / idea: Commando

An idea, where you have to call sequence of direction commandos to a player (up, up, up, down, start), to make it move towards the finish at once. This game mostly runs in your head, you make the sequence.

Commando Game

Prototype / idea: Tap Tap Adventure

An idea for top down tile based platformer. Don't hit the spikes, watch out for cannons, collect the coins, reach the star. All elements use a global heartbeat for triggering. (psst Almost nothing here really works).

Tap Tap Adventure

Tik de wortel

A whack-a-mole game I build together with my daughter; Tap the carrots ("wortels" in Dutch). Art by Mirthe (5 years old).

Tik de wortel Game


A quickly build game. You are the spaceship. Press down or tap on the screen to drop stuff on the walls, clear all the walls to complete the level. Works on mobile too.

Spacedrop Game

#FlappyJam: The Flappies

Builded for fun, for the #flappyjam using Flambe

The Flappies #FlappyJam Game

Experiment: Enemy Shooter

An random experiment to build different weapons/rockets/smoke and go crazy with explosions. Because thats what game developers do!
Tap to shoot, hold to move

Enemy Shooter Game

Flash: Platformer

A idea for lighting in 2D engine. Build with Flash, years ago, in the good times. Press Q to switch player.

Flash Platformer Game